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February 7, 2013


Only if you have trouble sleeping do you know how long the night really is. You probably can’t wait to go to bed because you are so tired, but as bedtime nears you become anxious, wondering if this will be yet another sleepless night. You make sure all the lights are off, shades are drawn, TV is off, LED lights on the TV and smoke detector are covered. You toss and turn. You watch the clock hour by hour, not giving up hope that maybe tonight might be the night you’ll fall asleep. Your body aches, the bones, muscles, and joints. Your neck hurts, you have that dull headache from yet another night of sleeplessness. Maybe you know the feeling of “quasi-sleep”, where you are aware of your surroundings throughout the night. You hear the sounds in your house, you hear the sounds of the outside. You even try to go sleep in another room, maybe the sofa...anything to try to make yourself fall asleep. You feel the heaviness of your eyes as your alarm clock rings informing you that the night has gone by and yes, you now must get out of bed to start your day. This cycle continues. You’ve tried over-the counter sleep aides, prescription sleeping pills, exercise, meditation, yoga, read everything there is to read about “sleep hygiene tips” and still you DO NOT SLEEP a deep and restful sleep. You NEVER get into a deep was awful. The pain in your body from not sleeping night after night seems unimaginable..but I think we all need to shut our brains off and lay still to have our bodies regenerate and be well. Not sleeping night after night is like a curse!

I only wish I would have tried acupuncture 4 years ago. I’ve read about it, but just never made the appointment, until one day I felt I had no other options. Oh, how wrong I’ve been all these years. I wish I would have made the appointment with Deb Torrance long ago. On my initial evaluation she assured me she’d really try to help me. One thing she determined was my body had too much heat, and yes, for a long time, all night long...covers on, covers off, clothes off, clothes on. I was very optimistic after my first session because when I left I felt like I was hit with a tranquilizer gun. I was so relaxed. After the next few sessions, I had such an improvement in my general affect and a great reduction in anxiety. I actually remember falling asleep and going into a deep sleep that I actually dreamed for the first time in a very long time. I don’t have the crazy hot periods anymore. I continued my sessions because the overall improvement in body pain, my sleep and well being continued. My low back pain is gone, I can exercise better, my core is stronger, I still get up during the night, but I have many periods of deep sleep and that makes a huge difference in my well being.

For anyone out there wondering if acupuncture is worth trying, believe me..Deb Torrance will do a thorough evaluation to determine the acupuncture treatment that can help you. You need to give it a chance and I’m sure you will be so glad you did!

Lynn DiLeo

June 27, 2011

Dear Deb,

This is a letter of gratitude to you, and it is for anyone considering acupuncture and especially for anyone seeking effective care for fibromyalgia.

I truly owe my life to you. I went to you with a myriad of complex health problems that included extreme fatigue and crippling leg pain. Prior to my first visit, I completed an extensive questionnaire, and a cluster of symptoms appeared in a few sections. I was intrigued by the findings, and we talked extensively throughout my three-hour first visit. During that time, you were attentive, detailed, patient and reassuring; and your approach was holistic. You were the first medical practitioner who did not tell me I was crazy or confess that he or she had no clue what was wrong with me or who had no viable options of how to treat me. You connected all the symptoms and offered a fresh perspective of care. For the first time in years, Debbie, you gave me hope.

I was later diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist. During my 6-month follow-up visit after initial diagnosis, the rheumatologist reviewed my treatment plan of acupuncture, a low-oxalate diet, herbs (Zyflamend and others you prescribed) and moderate exercise. She was pleased with my rapid progress and projected recovery in one to two years rather than the usual 10 years.

Throughout my treatment, you have uncovered the root causes behind my multiple health issues and effectively treated each of them. They include healing tennis elbow, treating a shoulder injury, achieving a healthy complexion, identifying and addressing gluten sensitivity, rapidly healing a bone bruise and treating fibromyalgia. I want the world to know that acupuncture is painless, and it truly works.

Early on in my treatment, you rightfully explained that acupuncture was a physical and emotional healing process. I have and continue to discover as much about emotional healing as physical well-being.

You are a highly skilled acupuncturist and a very compassionate woman. Your contributions extend well beyond her practice. I greatly enjoyed the Voluntary Simplicity class you taught, and I have benefited from the wisdom and insights you continually share. You have expanded my world through recommended readings that include thought-provoking books such as The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn and several books by Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. You are a wonderful cook, specializing in vegetarian and vegan meals, and are incredibly knowledgeable about and generous with sharing information about nutrition.

So as I go for a walk around my neighborhood and enjoy my full, active life, I am grateful to you, Debbie, and for the miracles you perform on a daily basis.

Jaydeen Zenna

March 27, 2010

Dear Debbie,
I am eternally grateful to have you in my life. Your healing hands have helped me to rediscover who I really am and who I want to be. I have hope again.
Several months ago I came to you (almost crawling) because of anxiety, or in my case, Liver Qi Stagnation. You really have the heart of a holistic practitioner, taking an in-depth look at the whole body and the networkings within. What a relief. I was going to be healed. Your vast life experience and professional knowledge is immeasurable. I left the first visit with a new lease on life.
Several months later and I still visit you. I am proud to say that with your expertise, I’m a work in progress. In addition to having my anxiety under control, my diet is straightened out and I have lost 25 pounds . I tell people you are a real bargain! An acupuncturist, therapist, and nutritionist all in one shot!
You are a miracle worker!

From: N.R.
I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to write my testimonial. I wanted to wait until I past my 1st trimester. As you know we have tried to conceive for over 3 years to no avail. I knew I would never want to do an IUI or IVF so you were our only hope.
Thank you for helping us realize our dream of being parents. In addition to my treatments I really appreciated all of your support and advice during the 4 months of coming to Skylands for acupuncture.

From: K.B.
There are no words to express our gratitude to Debbie at Skylands Acupuncture. Acupuncture was our last straw because I wasn’t even a candidate for an IUI or IVF. I am now 26 weeks and will soon deliver our bundle of joy. I can’t believe we are going to be PARENTS! I can’t wait until our baby’s picture is added to your wall of baby pictures in the office. My husband and I tell everyone to try acupuncture and to go to Skylands. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

From: M.J.
I read that doing Acupuncture during an IVF cycle can improve our odds of success. My first IUI and IVF cycle failed and after talking with Debbie I went from despair to hopeful. I started Acupuncture a few months before my next IVF cycle and took herbal formula’s. I am happy to say that I am pregnant with twins. There is no doubt in my mind that the acupuncture and herbs made our dreams come true. We had been trying for over 6 years. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

From K.K. / Reproductive Therapy
I am 43 years old and have a child 6 years old which was conceived with the help of ART (assisted reproductive therapy). However, I was unable to conceive again using ART and was told that my eggs were too old. I decided to give acupuncture a chance.

Much to my surprise, I was pregnant after receiving acupuncture and taking Chinese herbal formula’s after only 3 months of treatment. Going through the ART cycles were so stressful and yet going to Skylands Acupuncture was not only calming but Deborah always gave me hope. K. K.

From N.G. / Fertility Treatment
We had been trying to conceive for over 2 years to no avail. My husband was having back pain and a friend suggested he go to Skylands Acupuncture for treatment. When he went to Skylands for his back he couldn’t help notice all the baby pictures on the wall. He then asked how acupuncture helps fertility and he rushed home to tell me all about it. I was skeptical at first, but then he told me how good he feels and that his back no longer hurt. I made an appointment and in less than 3 months I was pregnant.

I continued my treatments until the end of my first trimester and had no morning sickness. About 1 week after my due date my Doctor wanted to induce me and I did not want any drugs so I went to Skylands and with the help of acupuncture I went into labor naturally on my own and delivered a beautiful baby girl one day before my scheduled induction. N. G.

From Al Monzo, Glenwood NJ / Quit Smoking
Thank you for your assistance in making me smoke free.
I have smoked for 31 years and two packs a day. I have attempted to quit several times.

I tried on my own, tried using nicotine patches, nicotine gum, Nicotine lozenges, Zyban and Hypnosis and failed all attempts.The one thing I never tried was Acupuncture and after talking to someone else who successfully quit with this method, I decided to try it and found Skylands on the web.That was what it took to make me smoke free.

Again I say Thank you,
Sincerely, Al Monzo

From Peggy T. / Fibromyalgia
My name is Peggy. I came to see Debbie Waddell in August of 2002. In all honesty, I came for acupuncture treatment out of desperation, as a conventional pain medication was not helping me. At that time I had no idea that I had fibromyalgia. I had been to see medical physicians for agonizing pain in my lower back all the way down my legs and into my feet. I could not walk, sit, stand or lay down without horrible debilitating pain. The medical physicians were of no help.

I remember that day in August so well. I shuffled into Debbie's office as I could barely move my legs to walk. I had no idea what acupuncture truly was, all I could think of was needles. I was scared. Debbie put me at ease. She was so compassionate when she took my information. I could tell that she heard me and understood my pain.

Debbie then said that she could help me! Help me! I thought I was dreaming! Debbie gave me courage, she gave me hope. Debbie was determined to ease my pain, even to free me of pain.

It has been a little over a year and a half since that day in August Not only has Debbie been able to ease my pain with acupuncture, most days I am almost pain free. I can walk 1-2 miles a day, I can sit through a movie, and I can drive my kids to their recreational events and even stand and watch them play.

I have since been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Debbie has been treating me with acupuncture. She has also been instrumental in guiding me with advice on Chinese herbs, vitamins, diet and nutrition. Debbie is always researching, learning and finding new information about fibromyalgia that will be of help to me.

I cannot say enough how acupuncture has helped me. With acupuncture came Debbie. Not only has Debbie helped me physically, but mentally and emotionally. I always tell Debbie that she is my "Guardian Angel". She is also my friend.

From Linda D. / Meniere's Disease / Vertigo
I had lost about ninety percent of my hearing in my right ear and had been enduring constant tinnitus. But the worst symptom was the vertigo.

About every two months I would get absolutely debilitating vertigo accompanied by severe nausea. The vertigo would last anywhere from four to thirty-six hours. I would have to take fifty milligrams of medicine and lie still with my eyes closed until it passed.

For periods of months the vertigo would come every seven to nine days, and then I would get a month or two with the ringing and the deafness. I couldn't drive anywhere alone because I never knew when the vertigo would strike and render me completely incapacitated. When I came to see you in September I had just suffered a thirty-six hour of vertigo and my other ear was beginning to ring. I was desperate.

Conventional medicine offers no treatment or cure for this disease short of a questionable surgery that is very rarely successful. I had pretty much given up hope. But you saved me. After the first treatment the ringing in my left ear subsided. After two more treatments I began to get back some of my hearing in my right ear. After about a month my hearing loss was down to about thirty percent and I had not had any vertigo from the very first visit.

I continued receiving treatments three times a week for two months and then dropped down to two times a week. In December I missed about a week and a half of treatment again, the vertigo subsided and has not been a problem since.

I feel like you have given me my life back. I can drive anywhere without the nagging fear that I might get dizzy. I can hear my family when they speak to me and I don't have to constantly ask people to repeat themselves. The tinnitus is still there but it is not as loud and annoying. Our goal is to get all my hearing back and I believe we will reach it. I don't pretend to understand Chinese medicine but I can tell you I believe in it. I don't know where I would be without you. Thank you again.

From Sherry C. / Thumb Pain
I am a quilt artist and for several years, I have been having difficulty with the thumb joint on my right hand. When the orthopedic doctor took an x-ray he suggested that I have a cortisone shot in the joint. Of course, the prospect of this wasn't too appealing to me, considering the pain of the shot and the fact that I didn't want cortisone in my system. So, I decided to "grin and bear it", which I did for about a year.

I discovered that I began to use my left hand for tasks that hurt my right hand, and then my left thumb joint began to hurt as well. That's when I turned to Debbie and acupuncture. I took just two needles, placed in each arm, to relieve the discomfort and give me back the mobility in those thumb joints that I hadn't realized I had lost. It is truly remarkable that such a simple remedy has had such dramatic results!

Now, I am able to resume regular daily tasks without any pain in my thumbs, as well as getting back into the sewing room to quilt to my heart's content. I would highly recommend this method of pain release to anyone. It is painless and there are no side effects. Debbie has helped to give me back my ability to do everyday tasks easily and to keep my love of quilt artistry blossoming.
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